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  1. Web Link The CAFE TA Center
    The CAFÉ TA Center is a program of The Family Café, a cross-disability organization that has been connecting individuals with information, training and resources since 1998. The Center is supported by SAMHSA to operate one of its five national technical assistance centers; providing technical assistance, training, and resources that facilitate the restructuring of the mental health system through effective consumer directed approaches for adults with serious mental illnesses across the country.

  2. Web Link Florida Youth Council 

    The Florida Youth Council is a group of youth and emerging leaders (age 15-30) with disabilities or special health care needs that live in Florida. We are a program of The Family Café.

    The FYC is all about getting youth and emerging leaders involved in self-advocacy, peer mentoring and other activities that will improve the quality of life for youth and emerging leaders with disabilities in Florida. The program provides a means for youth and emerging leaders to decide what issues are important to their generation, to express those issues in their state and local communities, and to develop strategies to solve them.

The Family Cafe has put together resources to help you have your voice heard, with a focus on our state legislature and their annual session. You can find those resources in the FROM section of our site here.

  • Almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them receive treatment. This is why Addiction Group was founded.

    Addiction Group is dedicated to help individuals suffering from substance abuse and prevent new cases through credible information and spreading awareness to as many as we can reach. Every fact-based piece of content is written by journalists or medical professionals.

    Our comprehensive site will provide you with everything you need to know about alcohol misuse, abuse, and addiction. Learn about alcohol’s effects on the body and mind, alcohol use disorder, and treatment options
  • An interactive Map showing the locations of various treatment centers throughout the United States.


  • Web Link Delphi Behavioral Health Group

    Delphi Behavioral Health Group was formed to take on the mission of treating addiction at its core.

    We believe that through personalized treatment in intimate settings, we can provide those suffering from substance abuse with the tools to start a journey of long-lasting recovery.

    No one should have to battle addiction alone. But we know how hard it is to choose a treatment center that’s right for you. That’s why our dedicated staff is committed to helping you find a treatment program that is ideal for your individual needs.


      We work with leading experts in effectively treating substance use issues to offer people a single source of relatable, reliable information at any stage of their recovery journey.

      StartYourRecovery.org provides helpful information for people who are dealing with substance use issues — and their family members, friends, and co-workers, too. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the challenges faced by those who misuse alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, or other substances, and we aim to break through the clutter to help people at any stage of recovery.

  • The leading developer of reading technology for people with learning difficulties and those who are blind or visually impaired.

  • An interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers and children.

  • Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for all Floridians with disabilities, through advocacy and awareness activities that increase access to and acquisition of assistive services and technology.

  • Games, songs, communication cards, print resources and information for individuals with special needs.

  • This organization focuses on computer technology for people with special needs through its bi-monthly newspaper, annual international conference and extensive web site.

  • The mission of ATIA is to serve as the collective voice of the Assistive Technology industry so that the best products and services are delivered to people with disabilities.

  • Assistive Technology Resources from the Florida Department of Health.

  • ABLEDATA provides objective information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources to consumers, organizations, professionals, and caregivers within the United States.

  • Enhanced Vision is a provider of information and vision enhancement products for people with low vision.

  •  A wide variety of apps and other smart technologies are available to help people optimize their daily lives, and for those with a physical handicap, these tools can be especially useful.

  • Web Link Just Walkers.com
    Whether you need long-term mobility help or just temporary movement assistance, JustWalkers features products to meet all your needs. Walkers range from simple, lightweight, standard models to heavy-duty, wheeled or knee walkers. Knee walkers are great for situations in which an ankle or foot problem prevents weight bearing and give the arms a break from using traditional crutches. Our wide selection of rolling walkers (rollators) includes those with three or four wheels, locking brakes and baskets. Many feature a flip-down seat for resting or for sitting while being transported.
  • The FCIC is a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service or UCEDD.

  • The national association for state housing, economic development, and community development agencies.

  • Guides are available on their website. Application forms can be viewed and printed in using an Adobe Acrobat reader. Also posted on the website is a list of current RFPs.

  • A diverse statewide organization committed to putting an end to homelessness and improving the conditions of persons living without shelter.

  • Includes information from the Division of Housing and Community Development.

  • A statewide membership organization whose mission is to act as a catalyst to bring together housing advocates and resources so that all Floridians have a quality affordable home and suitable living environment.

  • The Clearinghouse provides public access to data about housing needs and supply, subsidized rental housing, household demographics in Florida communities and much more.

  • Contains extensive information on HUD programs, regulations, deadlines, and upcoming events. Free Web Access to HUD Documents is available through the Client Information and Policy Service.

  • The Duvall Home provides quality residential care and day training programs for adults with developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism and Cerebral Palsy.

Micro-Enterprises are small businesses that are owned and operated by persons with disabilities. A micro-enterprise can provide an individual with a disability with a source of income, as well as a meaningful way to participate in society.

The Family Café is proud to support micro-enterprise by providing qualified businesses with complimentary space on our Exhibit Hall during The Family Cafe.

Our organization is also pleased to promote a variety of micro-enterprises through our website year-round. 

This section of the site will provide you with information about a number of micro-enterprises. We encourage you to give them your business, and join us in supporting the many positive outcomes that result from engagement in micro-enterprise.

If you operate a micro-enterprise and would like The Family Café to promote your business here on our website, please contact our office at (850) 224-4670 or e-mail us at info@familycafe.net. In order to qualify, your business must be owned and operated by an individual with a disability, have fewer than five employees and generate annual revenue of $35,000 or less.

The Micro-Enterprises Partners from The 21st Annual Family Café Were:

Advance My Baby
Assistive Communications Technologies
Autism Art
Baci Bandanas
Brower Gals Boutique
Cute Kitties
David’s Global Community Development Corporation
Doggy Delights by Allison LLC
Edify Essential Oils
Fixing Boo Boo
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Down Syndrome West Florida
Gardens of Life
Handwriting Repair/Handwriting that Works & James Williams
Hugs of Florida, Inc.
Jewelry by Jeanné
Jewels by Peaches
Karla’s Kookies
Kiera Nicole LLC/Kiera Nicole Cosmetics
Lanno Sweet Shop
Loggo Kidd Designs
Maria “Lalita” Tooley Massage
Marion County Disability Advocate
Matriarch Consulting
Melissa’s Honeybee Meadow
MM Fitness LLC
National Down Syndrome Academy
Noni’s Intelligent Braid
Orange Elephant Art, LLC
Raquel Beautiful
Reaching New Horizons for Autism, Inc.
Reenie’s Breads
Relaxed Vacations
Scotty’s Cause
Shop Therapy Works
Southern Creations Face Painting
Spencer’s Sensory Shop
Stacy K Designs
Sunshine State Superkids
Team Streater Seminars and Services
The Chocolate Spectrum
The Pretzel Spot
Thomas Moon – Author
Tom Halvorsen DBA – As Disabilities Challenges
Xceptional Xcessories
Zealous Women Inc.
  • Extensive resource library of sites and topics that have been identified by special education teachers as being the most relevant issues faced in the field.

  • The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the United States government’s principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves.

  • Wheelchair Vans of America offers a full line of rentals for people with disabilities including Handicap Accessible Vans, Scooters, Manual and Power Chairs.

  • The mission of the National Down Syndrome Society is to be the national advocate for the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

  • Directory of mental health treatment facilities and support services in the state.

  • A list of Independent Living Centers (ILCs) in the state of Florida. ILCs provide people with disabilities with advocacy and support services, including assistance with employment, housing and living skills.

  • The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is known internationally as an organization committed to ensuring quality and professionalism in the manufacturing and installation of safe and reliable mobility equipment.

  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s welfare to work site contains links to sites for policy discussions and recent news about the implementation of welfare reform at the Federal, State, and local levels.

  • The leading North American expert in providing professionals, educators, policy makers, and families with education, training, and information on mental health issues relating to persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

  • CEC is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted.

  • A coalition of approximately 100 national disability organizations working together to advocate for national public policy that ensures the self determination, independence, empowerment, integration and inclusion of children and adults with disabilities.

  • The Access Board is an independent Federal agency devoted to accessibility for people with disabilities.

  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) Ticket to Work program is employment support available to people with disabilities under the SSI and SSDI programs.

  • A national technical assistance consortium working to support states, jurisdictions, and others to improve services and results for young children with disabilities and their families.

  • Your source for information about employment and youth with disabilities.

  • The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), a 501(c)3 organization, is a unique federation of voluntary health organizations dedicated to helping people with rare “orphan” diseases and assisting the organizations that serve them.

  • An independent federal agency making recommendations to the President and Congress on issues affecting 54 million Americans with disabilities. NCD is composed of 15 members appointed by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

  • Web Link National Organization on Disability (NOD)
    It’s ability, not disability that counts.

  • A small independent press striving to produce readable, accessible, user-friendly books and resources about full inclusion in school, work, and community. This site provides access to information on inclusion, books, videos and other resouces.

  • This site has a list that contains the telephone numbers and Internet addresses of federal agencies and other organizations that provide information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • The place to find up-to-date information on all issues facing the nation.

  • This resource from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) offers an overview on Medicaid, who qualifies, and what it can cover.

  • The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) is the only non-regulatory federal agency that promotes policies and coordinates with employers and all levels of government to increase workplace success for people with disabilities.

  • Sleep is a major issue for many adults and children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Recent studies suggest that up to 80% of young people with ASD also have difficulty falling and/or staying asleep at night. The incidence rate of sleep problems and disorders is also high among adults with ASD, particularly those who are classified as ‘low-functioning’. Lack of sleep can exacerbate some of the behavioral characteristics of ASD, such as hyperactivity, aggression, and lack of concentration. As a result, people with ASD who have a hard time sleeping may struggle at work or in their classroom.

    This guide looks at some of the most common sleep issues among adults and children with ASD, as well as some suitable treatment options and tips for managing ASD and sleep on a regular basis.

  • Sleep problems are common among children and adults with autism or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). While those with autism spectrum disorder or ADHD may be more commonly affected by sleep disorders and other sleep challenges, a lack of sleep can exacerbate symptoms of autism or ADHD. However, with healthy sleep habits and treatment, sleep problems and the daytime challenges they present may be alleviated or eliminated.

    This guide looks at some of the most common sleep issues among adults and children with ASD, as well as some suitable treatment options and tips for managing ASD and sleep on a regular basis.

  • Resources related to the transition of students with disabilities to post-secondary education and employment are now available for all 67 counties in the District Resources area of the Project 10 website.

  • Florida’s Transition Project goal is to help communities develop a systematic approach to transition through looking at administrative procedures, the concerns and needs of families with young children using early intervention services.

  • Also known as the Florida Governor’s Alliance for the Employment of Citizens with Disabilities, there mission is to be a key leader in providing Floridians with disabilities successful opportunities for employment.

  • This agency is responsible for implementing policy in the areas of workforce development, welfare transition, unemployment compensation, labor market information, early learning and school readiness.

  • The mission of our organization is to strengthen communities through volunteer service.

  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) Ticket to Work program is employment support available to people with disabilities under the SSI and SSDI programs.

  • This national project provides training, information and materials to parent center staff across the country who are helping the families of youth with disabilities learn about transition, independent living and vocational rehabilitation services.

  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s welfare to work site contains links to sites for policy discussions and recent news about the implementation of welfare reform at the Federal, State, and local levels.

  • If your house needs modifications because of a disabled child, or you’re looking for ways to create a space where your child with a disability can lead a safe and happy life, this guide will help. We’ll discuss the most common impairments and adaptations that can be made for every situation.

  • Angelwish.org was created in 1999 with the mission to provide the public with an easy way to grant wishes to the millions of children that are living with HIV/AIDS around the world. Infected or affected by the disease, their opportunities for a “normal” childhood are virtually impossible

  • Children’s Wish will fulfill the favorite wish for any child not expected to reach age 18. Each wish, truly the child’s own, must be completed while the child is healthy enough to fully enjoy it.

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