About The Family Café

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Our Mission Statement

The Family Café exists to provide individuals with disabilities and their families with an opportunity for collaboration, advocacy, friendship and empowerment by serving as a facilitator of communication, a space for dialogue and a source of information.

We can be reached any time by Email, Phone, or Physical Mail. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any of your questions, comments or concerns.

Phone: (850) 224-4670
Toll Free: (888) 309-CAFE (2233)
Fax: (850) 224-4674
Email: info@familycafe.net
820 E Park Ave. Suite F-100
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Signature of Founder, Lori Fahey

Our Value Statement

In all of its activities, The Family Café adheres to a guiding set of principles. Those values are as follows:

  1. Informed individuals and their families make better choices.
  2. All people, independent of their abilities and needs, deserve timely, accurate information regarding the options available to them.
  3. Individuals and their families require a forum where they can gather to network and share concerns, educate themselves about available services, and find a united voice to influence public policy and positively alter the service delivery system.
  4. Families and individuals living with disabilities and special health care needs should exist in an environment that demands excellence over adequacy, honours the individual over governmental procedure, and provides support through compassion, not compulsion.
  5. Communities and neighbourhoods must continue to expand their capacity to be responsive to the needs of their residents with disabilities and their families.
  6. All individuals, regardless of their abilities, deserve the opportunity to maximize the quality of their lives.
  7. All individuals, regardless of their abilities, deserve the opportunity to find gainful employment.
  8. It is the responsibility of The Family Café to maximize its service to individuals and families by using funds wisely and pursuing a variety of revenue sources, including grant opportunities and alternative fundraising initiatives.

Our Board of Directors

These devoted members of The Family Café team work to bring you quality content and events year to year.

Jim DeBeaugrine, Board Chair
Lori Fahey, CEO
Staar Fields
Jeannie Forthuber
Yolanda Herrera
Sharon Land Rousey
Lou Ann Long
Patricia Ann Oglesby
Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez
Angelita Salado
Jonathan Scheinman
Katie Smith
Tammy Turner
Gil Williams

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