The Family Cafe is excited to share the latest edition of the Change Agent Network newsletter!

With July bringing us the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we have decided to place the focus on this major milestone for the rights of people with disabilities. While you may know that the ADA is an important piece of legislation for people with disabilities, you might not know exactly what rights it guarantees. So in this CAN newsletter, we explain each of its provisions, and talk about what they mean.

We also take the opportunity to tell you about a few of the major players in the ADA’s passage. One of those people, Bobby Silverstein, is going to be the guest on our next Disability Advocacy Hour podcast, so make sure to look out for that, coming soon!

You can find the July edition of the Change Agent Network newsletter online here.

Date: 7/13/2020
By: Jeremy Countryman

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