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How many families receive financial assistance?

For The 20th Anniversary Family Café, 832 families received financial supports and services in the form of complimentary accommodation. That number represents 32% of applicants

Financial Supports and Services

Number Requesting Support

1,776 families

Number Receiving Support

 832 families

Multiple families also receive independent financial support from outside sources they have located on their own initiative, such as local school districts, support groups and religious organizations.

How do I register for The Annual Family Cafe?

Registration for The Annual Family Café opens on February 14 every year. There are three ways to register.

First, you can register online. An item regarding registration will be posted to the home page when registration opens. You may also select Annual Family Café from the menu bar then click on the online registration link provided.

Registrations are also accepted by mail or fax. Hard copy registration brochures are generally available in January. Registration forms can be faxed to our office at (850) 224-4674. They may also be mailed to us at P.O. Box 15649, Tallahassee, Florida 32317-5649.

Is there a registration fee to attend The Annual Family Cafe?

The Family Cafe does not charge a registration fee for individuals with disabiliites or their family members/caregivers.

There is a $200 registration fee for all professional attendees. Generally speaking, professionals that are also individuals with disabilities or family members are not required to pay the registration fee.

If you are unsure of your status, please contact our office for further clarification.

How many people volunteer to help out with the event?

For The 20th Anniversary Family Café, 303 individuals volunteered their services at no cost. These individuals played essential roles as room monitors, registration desk staff, and volunteers to fill the bags to be handed out to attendees at registration.

 Volunteers at The 20th Anniversary Family Café

Number of Volunteers


In-Kind Value of their Service




Does state funding pay for entertainment and food at The Annual Family Cafe?

No. All money from the State goes directly to appropriate costs, including financial support, audio visual support for presenters and keynote speakers, and printing and conference materials. Entertainment is provided in-kind by corporate partners like WellCare as well as partner non-profits such as Pyramid, VSA Arts, FRIENDS Chorus and Special Kids Dance Academy.

In all areas, The Family Café stringently adheres to state procurement rules, and follows the appropriate fiscal procedures set forth by participating State Agencies. Our organization is deeply committed to extracting the greatest possible value from every dollar in its budget, both public and private, for the sake of the families we serve.  




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