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Does state funding pay for entertainment and food at The Annual Family Cafe?

No. All money from the State of Florida goes directly to appropriate costs, including financial support, audio visual support for presenters and keynote speakers, and printing and conference materials. Entertainment is provided in-kind by corporate partners like WellCare, as well as partner non-profits such as Arts4All Florida, Brazilian Voices, Chance 2 Dance, FRIENDS Chorus, ProjectFREE, Pyramid Players and Pyramid Studios, Soul To Soul Yoga, Special Kids Dance Academy, and Synchrony Arts Production Company.

In all areas, The Family Café stringently adheres to state procurement rules, and follows the appropriate fiscal procedures set forth by participating State Agencies. Our organization is deeply committed to extracting the greatest possible value from every dollar in its budget, both public and private, for the sake of the families we serve.  




How many people volunteer to help out with the event?

For The 21st Annual Family Café, 348 individuals volunteered their services at no cost. These individuals played essential roles as room monitors, registration desk staff, and volunteers to fill the bags to be handed out to attendees at registration.

 Volunteers at The 21st Annual Family Café

Number of Volunteers


In-Kind Value of their Service




How many families receive financial assistance?

For The 21st Annual Family Café, 832 families received financial supports and services in the form of complimentary accommodation. That number represents 46% of applicants

Financial Supports and Services

Number Requesting Support

1,800 families

Number Receiving Support

 823 families

Multiple families also receive independent financial support from outside sources they have located on their own initiative, such as local school districts, support groups and religious organizations.

Is The Annual Family Cafe a good value for the State of Florida?

Yes! The Annual Family Café provides a great deal of benefit at an extremely low cost. For example, The 21st Annual Family Café consisted of 25.5 hours of total training/information/instruction time, with 17.75 hours of that being direct training (actual session and keynote time). With 12,842 individuals in attendance, and a total cost of $575,000 that means The Annual Family Café costs a scant $1.72 an hour for this training per individual.


A Great Value for Florida

Training Hours


2017 Attendees


Conference Cost


Cost per hour per attendee



The Annual Family Café also provides a uniquely valuable outlet for State Agencies to meet their parent training and information dissemination objectives in their state contracts. Last year, 39 presentations were delivered by State of Florida employees. Additionally, several state agencies had tables in the Exhibit Hall, including the ABLE United, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Department of Education, and the Department of Health (Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention, CMS Early Steps, and Divison of Emergency Preparedness and Community Support Bureau of Preparedness and Response), the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Division of Blind Services, Volunteer Florida and CareerSource Florida.

Additionally, the Annual Family Café is a unique source of information and resources for approximately 29% of attendees that report being on a waitlist for services from state agencies, including the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. The conference offers attendees the opportunity to collect accurate information about the availability and nature of state services from a number of agencies, and to develop strategies to meet their needs during the period between application for state services and actually beginning to receive them. Additionally, some 93% of individuals with disabilities live with their families. It therefore makes sense to provide information, training and resources on a family by family basis, so the natural supports an individual with a disability enjoys through their family can be leveraged to their benefit. 

How do I become an exhibitor for The Annual Family Cafe?

The Family Cafe prides itself on its ability to connect event attendees with a wide range of products, services, and resources in our Exhibit Hall. You can view a list of exhibitors from The 21st Annual Family Cafe in the event program, which is online here. Exhibitor applications for The 22nd Annual Family Cafe will be available in October. If you have any questions about becoming an exhibitor, please call us at (888) 309-2233 (CAFÉ) or send an e-mail to


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