Disability Advocacy Hour Podcast - Episode 8: National Disability Employment Awareness Month with The Able Trust

Another edition of The Family Cafe Disability Advocacy Hour podcast is here, just in time for National Disability Employment Awareness Month!

The new episode features a conversation with Allison Chase, President & CEO at The Able Trust. She describes her organization’s role in promoting the employment of Floridians with disabilities, talks about some of the common barriers and misconceptions businesses confront in considering hiring employees with disabilities, and advice on how to find employment resources in your community.

The Family Cafe is proud to work with a host of partners like The Able Trust to help Floridians with disabilities find the sense of purpose and self-sufficiency that comes with a steady, meaningful job.

If you’re thinking about hiring a person with a disability, or looking to enter the workforce yourself, we encourage you to check out this latest episode here!

Date: 10/4/2021
By: Jeremy Countryman

National Disability Emplloyment Awareness Month
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