The 22nd Annual Family Cafe Questions & Answers Book is Here!

The Family Cafe is pleased to announce publication of the latest edition of The Family Cafe Questions & Answers Book!

Since 1998, The Family Café has made it its mission to connect Floridians with disabilities and their families with the information and answers they need. As part of that effort, each year at The Annual Family Café we collect questions and comments from attendees and share them with the relevant state agencies. The responses they provide make up The Family Café Questions & Answers Book, a reference guide that families can use throughout the year. The information here is organized by source, with various state agencies featured, along with The Family Café. We hope you enjoy it!

View The Family Cafe Questions & Answers Book online here.

Date: 12/10/2020
By: Jeremy Countryman

2020 Questions and Answers Book cover
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