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Disability Task Force by Reid Jaffe

The Florida Disability Task Force commissioned a survey of persons with disabilities in SW and SE Florida to obtain information related to access to health care services. The surveys are identifying perosns with disabilities who are willing to participate in hospital-specific, local, and regional disaster exercises, as evaluators, observers, and participants. Their presence will lead to a more realistic experience for law enforcement, first responders, and first receivers. The results of the survey will be turned into an educational module that will be distributed to Florida's hospitals, to increase their sensitivity to and ability to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities.

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The LoTTIE Kit by Peggy Harter

"The LoTTIE Kit” consists of over 50 low tech items that can be used with students at home or in the classroom. In these days of inclusion, it is important for parents to be aware of items such as these that can assist them with their children. The majority of the items are inexpensive and several have been approved as accommodations for use on the FCAT.

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Supplemental documents: 

Click here for the Handwriting Continuum .

Click here for the Match Continuum .

Click here for the Reading Continuum .

No Person Left Behind by Linda Carter

The four goals of "No Person Left Behind" are: 100% accountability of all persons with disabilities, to identify basic needs for persons with disabilities, to educate persons with disabilities and families on disaster preparedness, and to empower persons with disabilities to take control of their disaster planning. Click here

Policy Development by Gary de Carolis

This workshop will help participants to understand the role policy development plays in creating mechanisms, rights and supports to sustain the work of building community-based systems for people with disabilities.  We will explore interagency agreements, memorandum of understanding and statuettes as vehicle to transform the good work of communities form informal to formal mechanisms. Click here.

Project Search by Betsy Farmer

Project SEARCH is a nationally recognized program established by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in  1997. It provides a comprehensive approach to employment, job retention, and career advancement for students and adults with disabilities. The program consists of these two highly effective programs: the Adult Employment Program and the High School Program.    Click here

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