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Stephen Wampler

Sunday morning at The 14th Annual Family Cafe featured a special advance viewing of the new documentary film Wall: The Journey Up. It stars Stephen Wampler, the first person with Cerebral Palsy to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, a vertical face that’s over twice the height of the Empire State Building. Although he can’t walk, and can only use one limb, his right arm, he can grasp with his left arm. So he did 20,000 pull-ups and slept on the mountain for 5 consecutive nights to get to the top, despite being exhausted to the point of hallucination and unconsciousness. Throughout his journey, Steve was motivated by his desire to prove to kids with disabilities all over the world that they can achieve ANYTHING they want. His ascent of El Capitan shows people with disabilities that they can not only take advantage of the great outdoors, but embrace it.

The question and answer session that took place after the screening of Wall: The Journey Up can be viewed here.

Trauma and Challenges to Learning

Trauma can be a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Children can experience traumatic stress prior to birth, throughout their development, and well into adulthood. This may include neglect, abandonment, substance abuse, verbal abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, and community violence. Children and adolescents can have extreme reactions to trauma, but their symptoms may not be the same as adults. We will discuss these reactions, their behavioral effects, and how these can challenge the learning process.

View "Trauma and Challenges to Learning" here.

Parents and School Districts Problem Solving Together

The Family Cafe is happy to share another session from The 14th Annual Family Cafe in its ongoing series of online video recordings.

This session, Parents and School Districts Problem Solving Together, is presented by the Florida Department of Education. It incorporates problem-solving procedures with communications skills that parents and school districts can use to work together for the educational benefit of students. The presentation also includes data and information regarding exceptional student education (ESE) monitoring and dispute resolution in Florida.

Watch this one hour session in four segments by following the links below!

Parents and School Districts Problem Solving Together Part 1

Parents and School Districts Problem Solving Together Part 2

Parents and School Districts Problem Solving Together Part 3

Parents and School Districts Problem Solving Together Part 4

Are Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans Special

Over 350,000 Floridians are insured by Medicare and Medicaid at the same time. Unfortunately, confusions between Medicare and Medicaid health benefits often result in fragmented, poor quality care. The establishment of Medicare Advantage (MA) managed care organizations Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) offered the promise of increased care coordination and specialized care management. But do they work like they are supposed to? Are D-SNPs a greater value than non-HMO Medicare? This  presentation explains the basics of Medicare and Medicaid, the value of Medicare Advantage D-SNPs, and the legal requirements for these managed care plans to improve patient care.

Are Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans Special

Making Connections: Technology and Learning Connections

This session is designed to equip you with online strategies and resources for teaching and learning with technology. Explore the free and innovative online resources that are available on the Technology and Learning Connections website. Take a closer look at Tools for Engagement, Adventures in Reading, Math and Science Supports and Data Tools. Learn more about the free Assistive Technology ( AT) & Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Newsletter and gain a better understanding of the tools that can be borrowed from the AT & UDL Loan Library.

View "Making Connections: Technology and Learning Connections" here.

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