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The 2017 Women's Summit

The 2017 Women’s Summit offers a full day of networking, personal growth, and camaraderie among women in varying stages of life and who hold diverse interests and needs, but share a desire to better take care of their own health and wellness, so they can in turn support the health and wellness of their family members.

As caregivers, women too often experience the stress and burnout that tends to accompany that role. The purpose of the Women’s Summit is to connect caregivers with knowledge and resources focused on self-care, in a safe, friendly, compassionate environment.

View Part 1 here.

View Part 2 here.

How To Raise A Rocket Scientist For Fun and Profit

In this keynote speech, author and lecturer Steve Browne covers the highlights of his daughter’s incredible story, going from death to life and on to the stars. What were the lessons learned? And how can you think about maximizing the quality and options life has to offer to those people with special needs in your life? Listen to an incredible story that unfolds primarily through the eyes of a father who, in the end, has to admit that he did not so much raise his daughter… as she raised him.

How To Raise A Rocket Scientist For Fun and ProfitHow To Raise A Rocket Scientist For Fun and Profit

Thriving in Chaos Toolkit with Gary De Carolis

This is the second of three power point presentations provided by Gary De Carolis of The Center for Community Leadership. Gary De Carolis facilitated The 2nd Annual Delegate Leadership Seminar at The 8th Annual Family Cafe Conference, and has made all of his presentations available to us for online use.

In this power point, "Thriving in Chaos Toolkit," he offers some ideas on how to survive and excel in a chaotic environment. You can view the presentation here.

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Keeping the Behaviorally Challenged Student in School Learning

Students with challenging behavior spend more time out of the classroom missing out on important instructional time. Many students are suspended for manifestations of their disability and the function of their behavior is often misunderstood. This presentation will focus on the student’s behavior, and when to request a Functional Behavior Assessment and Positive Behavior Intervention Plan. Also covered will be restraint and seclusion and how to keep your child safe.

Keeping the Behaviorally Challenged Student in School Learning

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