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Family Resources to Support Early Learners

In this session from The 19th Annual Family Cafe, the Florida Department of Education Office of Early Learning shares information regarding available family resources to support young children’s learning. This session also provides an opportunity for participant input on resources families may need specific to inclusion and children with special needs to support early learning.

Family Resources to Support Early Learners

The Gardiner Scholarship and the McKay Scholarship

The Department of Education’s Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice presents information about the Gardiner Scholarship Program and the John M. McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities. These programs were established to provide Florida parents and students with additional education options and they operate under the premise that parents should make decisions regarding their children’s education. The programs offer student-directed funding and parent-directed choices. The presentation includes a discussion of eligibility requirements, application options, approved uses for scholarship funds, and parent responsibilities under the programs.

The Gardiner Scholarship and the McKay Scholarship


Bilingual Communication Devices

This presentation demonstrates English/Spanish options for individuals needing communication assistance. FAAST, with its partner, Saltillo, will show how MultiChat 15 Spanish, MultiChat 15 Bilingual, and WordPower Español meet the communications needs of a wide group of individuals in Spanish speaking cultures. These systems include easy to access basic communication for beginning communicators, as well as sophisticated language and grammar for individuals with advanced cognitive and linguistic abilities.

View "Bilingual Communication Devices" here.

Formal and Informal Leadership with Gary De Carolis

This is the third and final power point presentation from Gary De Carolis of The Center for Community Leadership. Mr. De Carolis facilitated The 2nd Annual Delegate Leadership Seminar at The 8th Annual Family Cafe Conference, and he has allowed us to share his presentations online. In this presentation, he breaks down the differences between formal and informal leadership, and examines the pitfalls and advantages of both.

To view this presentation, follow this link.

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Accessing Resources and Understanding Systems

Presented by an Early Steps Family Resource Specialist, this workshop will help parents who have children birth to five years old get a jumpstart on finding and accessing resources in their local community and beyond. We will also share personal experiences and thinking ‘outside of the box’ with how systems work (Early Intervention, IDEA, Insurance, SSI, etc.) and making the system work to benefit you and your family. Our experience comes from walking the path a few steps ahead of you and
sharing our stories.

Accessing Resources and Understanding Systems

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