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The 15th Annual Family Cafe Videos

Discover Health From Within: Create and Live Optimal & Dynamic Health

Discover Health From Within is about expanding one’s perspective about who we are, the sources of our illnesses and diseases, and the ways in which we can optimize our health and live from a dynamic place where dreams once again seem possible. It is about making informed choices about optimal health solutions.

This training offers new approaches to health and wellness that are based on research that combines study of the physical body with that of the spiritual, emotional and psychological self. New understanding that accounts for both the neurological and the psychological has illuminated the powerful connections between our mind and body. Research has shown how these connections inform our healing processes, and have opened up new approaches to wellness. This new perspective is too often not readily available to families with a member with a mental illness or disability.

Part One of Discover Health from Within

Part Two of Discover Health from Within


Assisting Your Digital Native In The Blended Learning Environment

There is no doubt that we are living in a digital-oriented society. We use a multitude of digital items each day. From texting to paying bills online, our accessibility is endless, but technology is not always easy to use. Our children, on the other hand, were born during this digital revolution and thrive in the digital world as only natives would. This presentation will give parents an overview of navigating the online learning community for students with disabilities.

Assisting Your Digital Native In The Blended Learning Environment

Being Healthy With A Disability

Being healthy requires a whole body approach, especially when someone has a disability. It is about a body and mind and so much more. What does it mean to be healthy but not to have to friend to spend time with? What does it mean to be healthy, but have no dreams and ambitions? The FYC members will discuss these questions much more in this session.

Being Healthy With A Disability

Delegate Roundtable: Mental Health

One of the best ways for people that are new to a situation to become educated about their options is to speak with someone that has “been there” and “done that.” This year at the annual conference, The Family Café Delegates will be hosting roundtable conversations where parents can network with other parents to share experiences and strategies that have worked for them. If you are new to parenting a child with a disability, or if you have a particular challenge your family is facing, this session may provide the support and guidance you need.

Delegate Roundtable: Mental Health

Revolutionizing Health Care with Plant-Based Nutrition

Dr. Pam Popper is a naturopath, nutritionist and the Executive Director of The Wellness Forum, a chain of licensed health and wellness centers. The Wellness Forum teaches individuals how to change their health outcomes by assisting them in changing their diet and lifestyle habits. In addition to working with individuals, the company offers programs designed to lower the costs of medical care and insurance premiums for employers.

Dr. Pam Popper’s address includes information about how diet can address common degenerative conditions, assist in recovery from many mental and emotional disorders, and promote better function for people with physical disabilities. Additionally, she addresses the logistics of adopting a health-promoting diet, including cost, time for preparation, and the introduction of unfamiliar foods to various populations. She also discusses the economic advantage of using diet as an intervention tool.

Revolutionizing Health Care with Plant-Based Nutrition


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