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The 21st Annual Family Cafe Videos

Bilingual Communication Devices

This presentation demonstrates English/Spanish options for individuals needing communication assistance. FAAST, with its partner, Saltillo, will show how MultiChat 15 Spanish, MultiChat 15 Bilingual, and WordPower Español meet the communications needs of a wide group of individuals in Spanish speaking cultures. These systems include easy to access basic communication for beginning communicators, as well as sophisticated language and grammar for individuals with advanced cognitive and linguistic abilities.

View "Bilingual Communication Devices" here.

Not Talking Yet? Using AAC to Facilitate Communication

We will present the concept of AAC and how it can help parents establish meaningful dialogue with their children. From the basics to the most sophisticated, it is possible to utilize the family dynamics and optimize communication for everyone. Learning to navigate the AAC world can be both confusing and overwhelming. We want to help ease those fears and set sights for forward progress, because everyone has the right to speak and be heard.

View "Not Talking Yet? Using AAC to Facilitate Communication" here.

Strategies to Develop Employable Job Candidates with Disabilities

National Disability Institute, World Services for the Blind, and the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors will conduct a workshop on the research in the area of financial capability of adults with disabilities. The workshop will specifically address actionable knowledge focusing on the need for all Americans to have access to the education, resources and tools they need to build credit, manage money with confidence, and become better candidates for employment opportunities in the community.

View "Strategies to Develop Employable Job Candidates with Disabilities" here.

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