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The 20th Anniversary Family Cafe Videos

Get the Skills to Land your First Job or Advance in Your Current Job

Many of us think of skills as special skills that are needed to complete a job, such as a pilot’s ability to fly a plane, or a mechanic’s ability to repair a car. However, many of the most important skills needed in today’s workplace are those that help us work well with others, manage time and resources, or adapt to change. These are “Soft Skills” and this workshop will review the importance of having those essential soft skills to get and keep a job.

Get the Skills to Land your First Job or Advance in Your Current Job

Behaviorally Challenged Students, Advocating for Appropriate Supports

Students with behavioral health needs are often removed from the classroom missing out on important instructional time. Many students are suspended, expelled, Baker Acted, or arrested for manifestations of their disability, and their behavior is often misunderstood. Learn how to advocate for appropriate supports and services, and when to request a Functional Behavior Assessment and Positive Behavior Intervention Plan. Also covered will be restraint and seclusion and how to keep your child safe.

The Gardiner Scholarship and the McKay Scholarship

The Department of Education’s Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice presents information about the Gardiner Scholarship Program and the John M. McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities. These programs were established to provide Florida parents and students with additional education options and they operate under the premise that parents should make decisions regarding their children’s education. The programs offer student-directed funding and parent-directed choices. The presentation includes a discussion of eligibility requirements, application options, approved uses for scholarship funds, and parent responsibilities under the programs.

The Gardiner Scholarship and the McKay Scholarship


How To Raise A Rocket Scientist For Fun and Profit

In this keynote speech, author and lecturer Steve Browne covers the highlights of his daughter’s incredible story, going from death to life and on to the stars. What were the lessons learned? And how can you think about maximizing the quality and options life has to offer to those people with special needs in your life? Listen to an incredible story that unfolds primarily through the eyes of a father who, in the end, has to admit that he did not so much raise his daughter… as she raised him.

How To Raise A Rocket Scientist For Fun and ProfitHow To Raise A Rocket Scientist For Fun and Profit

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