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The 2018 Women's Summit

The 2018 Women’s Summit offered a full day of networking, personal growth, and camaraderie among women in varying stages of life who hold diverse interests and needs, but share a desire to better take care of their own health and well-being, so they can in turn support the health and wellness of their family members.

As caregivers, women too often experience the stress and burnout that tends to accompany that role. The purpose of the Women’s Summit is to connect caregivers with knowledge and resources focused on self-care, in a safe, friendly, compassionate environment.

At the 2018 Women’s Summit, attendees were able to find take-home wellness strategies, learn about the importance of good gut health, and release stress with sound, song, movement and deep relaxation. Attendees emerged rejuvenated, reconnected, and ready to confidently move forward in their role as caregiver.

The 2018 Women's Summit Part 1

The 2018 Women's Summit Part 2


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