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The Recovery Oriented Community - What is Your Role?

Florida's Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) focuses on a paradigm shift in behavioral health service delivery. As a result of the dissemination of ROSC values and concepts, community stakeholders and behavioral health provider systems are understanding the urgency and need to implement recovery-oriented concepts and to improve quality of life outcomes for individuals served. Everyone plays a role in building a community that is recovery oriented. It is imperative that we promote community integration, community health and wellness, develop better partnerships to achieve common goals and to increase peer-based recovery support services. The state of Florida is working to provide more opportunities for people in recovery and their families to give feedback to the system. The faith based community also plays an important role in recovery as part of the support system for individuals and families. This session looka at the progress of ROSC in the state of Florida and the roles of peers and community leadership.

The Recovery Oriented Community - What is Your Role?



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