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The 20th Anniversary Family Cafe Videos

The 2018 Women's Summit

The 2018 Women’s Summit offered a full day of networking, personal growth, and camaraderie among women in varying stages of life who hold diverse interests and needs, but share a desire to better take care of their own health and well-being, so they can in turn support the health and wellness of their family members.

As caregivers, women too often experience the stress and burnout that tends to accompany that role. The purpose of the Women’s Summit is to connect caregivers with knowledge and resources focused on self-care, in a safe, friendly, compassionate environment.

At the 2018 Women’s Summit, attendees were able to find take-home wellness strategies, learn about the importance of good gut health, and release stress with sound, song, movement and deep relaxation. Attendees emerged rejuvenated, reconnected, and ready to confidently move forward in their role as caregiver.

The 2018 Women's Summit Part 1

The 2018 Women's Summit Part 2


Mental Health and Executive Functioning

In this session, attendees are given the opportunity to increase their understanding of the development of executive functions, why they matter and how to enhance executive functions. Participants are presented with specific strategies not only to recognize weaknesses but specific strategies to enhance them.

Mental Health and Executive Functioning


The Recovery Oriented Community - What is Your Role?

Florida's Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) focuses on a paradigm shift in behavioral health service delivery. As a result of the dissemination of ROSC values and concepts, community stakeholders and behavioral health provider systems are understanding the urgency and need to implement recovery-oriented concepts and to improve quality of life outcomes for individuals served. Everyone plays a role in building a community that is recovery oriented. It is imperative that we promote community integration, community health and wellness, develop better partnerships to achieve common goals and to increase peer-based recovery support services. The state of Florida is working to provide more opportunities for people in recovery and their families to give feedback to the system. The faith based community also plays an important role in recovery as part of the support system for individuals and families. This session looka at the progress of ROSC in the state of Florida and the roles of peers and community leadership.

The Recovery Oriented Community - What is Your Role?



Fresh Start Consumer Network of Florida

The Fresh Start Consumer Network of Florida (Statewide Consumer Network), established in 2006 and recognized/funded through SAMHSA in 2009 as Florida’s Statewide Consumer Network, focuses on its primary purpose of expanding its advocacy for culturally and linguistically competent services to underserved populations by developing and promoting activities and trainings throughout Florida, educating and empowering peers, and building new infrastructure that prioritizes peer and provider collaboration. This presentation focuses on education on Recovery Oriented practices, educating the community on the efforts promoted by Fresh Start Consumer Network, with a focus on establishing sustainable mechanisms for integrating the consumer “voice” in behavioral health systems and service delivery by preparing consumer leaders throughout the State of Florida through no-cost training, role modeling, and mutual peer support, in efforts of transforming the status quo towards a Recovery Oriented System of Care. Fresh Start also strives to promote skill development, with an emphasis on leadership and management, empowering consumers through training and support to ensure they are the catalysts for transforming the behavioral health and related systems in Florida, and to promote/increase peer services and the number of Peer Specialists in Florida’s behavioral health system of care that is truly person centered.

Fresh Start Consumer Network of Florida

Realizing the Dream: Opportunities for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities in Postsecondary Education

This session provides an update on implementation of the Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Program Act, and the Center’s work to implement and manage application for and approval of Florida Postsecondary Comprehensive Transition Programs (FPCTPs), distribution of scholarships to eligible students with intellectual disabilities attending the programs, and award and distribution of start-up and enhancement grants regarding FPCTPs. Information regarding key program characteristics, student services, credentials and certificates, data collection on student success, and scholarship awards is provided.

Realizing the Dream: Opportunities for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities in Postsecondary Education



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