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The 19th Annual Governor's Summit on Disabilities

At The 19th Annual Family Cafe, the organization continued its tradition of connecting Annual Family Café attendees with elected officials and policy makers at the highest level of government to foster a productive dialogue about the issues facing Floridians with disabilities and the impact public policy has on their daily
lives. The Annual Governor’s Summit on Disabilities presents a unique opportunity to hear from leaders of both the Executive and Legislative branches of our state government, as well as representatives of multiple State Agencies that serve people with disabilities in our state.

Governor Rick Scott was elected to office in 2010, and is now in his second term as Florida’s chief executive. He was joined by leaders from State Agencies that serve Floridians with disabilities. Together, they shared their vision for Florida's service delivery system, and their thoughts on building more inclusive, accessible communities throughout Florida.

The 19th Annual Governor's Summit on Disabilities

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