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Are you ready to make a real difference for the more than 3.5 million people with disabilities living in Florida?

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Back to School with the August CAN Newsletter

issue6 screenshot

The August edition of the CAN Newsletter is here, with some important information to consider as you get ready for the new academic year.

For anyone with a family member with a disability that is part of the K-12 public education system, this issue includes a helpful review of the essential differences between an IEP and a 504 Plan. While both can be useful tools to make sure your student gets the supports and services they need, these two approaches work differently. Find clear answers to your questions about IEP's and 504 Plans in the CAN Newsletter! 

Even if the end of your student's academic career seems like it's in the distant future, it's never too early to start thinking about that transition to college or career. So our back-to-school issue also features information from Vocational Rehabiliation, with a focus on the services they offer to help youth transition successfully into the adult world of work and higher education.

Whatever the coming school year holds for you and your family, The Family Cafe wishes you the best of luck. Never stop learning, and never stop growing!

To view the August Change Agent Network Newsletter, click here


The CAN Newsletter for June

issue5 screenshotThe latest issue of the Change Agent Network newsletter is here, just in time for The 20th Anniversary Family Cafe!

This time we put the focus the upcoming 2019 legislative session, and things you can do to make sure your voice is heard when our State Senators and Representatives return to Tallahassee. Remember, 2018 is an election year, and this is a a perfect time to get to know the people that have their sites set on coming up to Tallahassee to shape our state's policies and service delivery system for people with disabilities.

If you're joining us in Orlando for The 20th Anniversary Family Cafe, we will have plenty of copies of this CAN newsletter to take home with you! Our event also provides you with a great chance to hear directly from the Governor and the heads of state agencies that serve people with disabilities. We hope to see you there!

To check out the latest Change Agent Network newsletter, click here.

The CAN Newsletter for February

issue 3 screenshot

The Change Agent Network newsletter for February is here!

This edition of the CAN newsletter features an update on where we find ourselves halfway through the legislative session, an introduction to the FAAST Northwest Regional Demonstration Center here at The Family Cafe, an important reminder about online registration opening up on February 14th, and a discussion of how we settled on our "superheroes" theme for The 20th Anniversary Family Cafe.

The CAN newsletter is all about keeping you informed, and creating a space for people with disabilities and their families. We would love to hear your feedback! If there's an issue you think should be addressed, or something happening in your local community that you would like to share, let us know!

To read the latest issue of the CAN newsletter, click here.


The CAN Newsletter for April

issue4 screenshotThe April edition of the Change Agent Network newsletter is now available! With Mental Health Awareness Month coming up in May, this issue includes an update from the Department of Children and Families on their efforts to address children's mental health through their System of Care project. There's also a personal story from one of our CAN families, the Turners, describing how mental health has impacted their lives. You can also read about The Family Cafe's work to bring family-run organizations together, which will continue with an important pre-con on the Thursday before The 20th Anniversary Family Cafe this June. Finally, there's a shout out to the Florida Youth Council's Shevie Barnes, who was recently named Ms. Wheelchair Florida for 2018.

To check out the April CAN newsletter, follow this link!


Issue 1 of the New CAN Newsletter is Here!

newsletter screen shotWe're pleased to announce the publication of the fist issue of our brand new Change Agent Network newsletter! Our vision for the CAN Newsletter is to keep Floridians with disabilities and their families up-to-date on what's happening in the disability community, and to create a space for families like yours to share their stories. This inaugural issue includes information on disaster preparedness, a recap of the 2017 MYFEST event in Tallahassee, and info on Disability History and Awareness Weeks.

In future issues, we're looking forward to sharing news and information from the disability world, and providing space for Floridians with disabilities and their families to share their stories.

Check out the first issue of the CAN newsletter by clicking here.

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