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The 2022 FROM Pre-Conference Event!!!!

May 26, 2022

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This year’s FROM Pre-Conference training will explore the role of public policy and advocacy in advancing your organization’s goals. Presenter Mary Kingston Roche will provide an overview of the relevant state and federal policies that most directly impact people with disabilities, and discuss how to connect with groups that advocate for or against those policies. The FROM Pre-Con will feature an interactive exercise that will help you strengthen your advocacy skills, touching on key aspects such as:

  • performing a root cause analysis on issues or challenges that your Family-Run Organization may want to address;
  • identifying your desired change and learning how to translate it into a concrete policy  recommendation;
  • building a strong and diverse coalition of advocates; and
  • motivating elected officials to move from being passive supporters to champions.

Assisting in facilitating this year’s FROM Pre-Con will be nationally recognized consultant John Ferrone. John will kick off the day with a review of FROM’s efforts over the past five years, and will offer an overview of the recently released “FROM Guidebook,” a comprehensive
guide designed to help Family-Run Organizations evolve from a simple idea all the way to a sustainable organization. All registered participants will receive a free copy!

We’re excited to offer people that want to make an impact through their own organizations a chance to learn, connect, and advance their vision through this year’s Family-Run Organization Movement (FROM) Pre-Conference event. We hope to see you there!

Registration for The 2022 FROM Pre-Con is now closed.

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